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Make at Home

Do you want to make your own favorites at home?

Make At Home will allow you to order the most common seasoning packs directly from us and let you make some of your favorites at home. Favorites such as the coney sauce, sloppy joe, or that Italian dressing that you always enjoyed. This also is the basis of our “Sub Sauce”, which came on all our subs at the restaurant.

Order online below or via fax to (269) 978-0331 today!

Choices of Seasoning Packs – Shipping included in price:

  • Coney Seasoning Pack (sauce will cover approx. 10-12 hot dogs). $5.95 each
  • Italian Seasoning Pack (used for both Salad Dressing and Sub Sauce base). $3.95 each
  • Sloppy Joe Seasoning Pack (this is figured to make 8-10 total). $5.95

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Coney Seasoning Packs ($5.95 each):

Italian Seasoning Packs ($3.95 each):

Sloppy Joe Seasoning Packs ($5.95 each):


Directions and information needed to complete each of your favorites are included with your order.

Please allow 10-15 business days for delivery.

Shipping and handling are included in the prices as listed.

  • Fax Ahead!
    Order ahead and walk-ins welcomed!

    Make At Home!
    Enjoy those favorite flavors on your convenience.

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