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Cooked Roast Pig (only) – Delivered to your location!

How do we figure the price?
Start with the market price of the pig (usually ranges from $ 1.80 – 2.30 per lb.) then add an additional $1.95 per lb. for cooking. No charge for deliveries up to 5 miles. Over 5 miles will be discussed on an individual basis.

Would you like us to carve the pig?
We will set up, carve the pig, and clean our mess for an additional $50 (2 hour max.).

Want to Carve It Yourself?
We can deliver the roasted whole pig to sight. You will need to provide a sturdy table and/or saw horses, for the serving tray that the pig will arrive on. We will pick up the serving tray at a later time planned. Delivery Charge will be discussed on an individual basis.

Additional Hot Side Dishes
Baked Beans, Au Gratin Potatoes, Scalloped Potatoes, Pork Stuffing (prices based on head count)

If other choices are desired or availability concerns, please call 269.327.4449,
Email: allfoodstogo@gmail.com or use our Contact Form.


Commonly Asked Questions about Whole Pig Roast

How many people does a pig feed?
The quantity needed is based on “how” many people you are trying to feed. The general rule of thumb is 1# of pork to every serving. Example: 125 Servings = ordering 125# Whole Pig

Do you rent your pig roaster?
No. Due to Liability reasons.

What if I (the customer) have a pig to be roasted?
Due to liability issues and Health Department regulations, I will only roast a pig that has been USDA Inspected when slaughtered. It must have the USDA stamp on the final processed pig.

What if I have less then 50 people to feed?
We do offer the option to offer the same great flavor and moist roasted pork by cooking a smaller quantity for you. Basically, we order smaller parts of the pig, such as fresh hams or the shoulder, to be cooked, carved and panned up to be served. Either you can pick it up or be delivered (pending on distance a delivery charge may be required).

Do you cook the pig on sight of event?
No. Since our roaster has the capabilities to have 2 pigs cooking at the same time, we could have two pig roasts in the same day. Also, pending on the weight of the pig, time of serving, and distance we may travel to get to the sight, ALL play in the logistics of when you start to cook the pig.( Really don’t want to be in someone’s back yard at 2 am, “babysitting the pig roaster”:) .)

We generally show up approximately 45 minutes prior to serving time. Then we stay on sight to carve the whole pig until completed. This runs approximately a total of 2 hours.

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    Whole Pig Roast FAQ
    Commonly Asked Questions about Whole Pig Roast

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